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The DIA Ecosystem Token Pool

DIA’s mission is to drive the adoption of transparent, open access data and oracles. To back this, DIA will incentivise market actors in the DeFi ecosystem using a pool of Governance Tokens to allocate to key market actors, with a range of mechanisms including the innovation initiative ‘DIA Labs’.


The DIA Ecosystem Token Pool was created by the DIA Association to achieve two main goals:


The distribution of DIA Governance Tokens to relevant ecosystem participants to achieve autonomy of the DIA Association by 2025 through the Governance Token Distribution Mechanism.


To support the DeFi ecosystem to built applications using reliable and transparent data. Funds of the Ecosystem Token Pool are distributed through DIA Labs (more information on DIA labs will be provided soon).

Token Pool Design

To achieve these goals DIA Association committed 25M DIA Governance Tokens from the total token supply to the DIA Ecosystem Token Pool. This equates to 12.5% of the total supply of DIA Governance Tokens. The pool will be allocated to three specific categories:

  1. Incentivising token holding and transferring governance to key ecosystem players via interest yield distribution
  2. Rewarding usage of the token by funding data sourcing, data validation and platform development and
  3. Driving innovation by incentivising open-source development of (d)Apps, platform features and participation ion governance decisions about the DIA association itself.
DIA Ecosystem Token Pool Architecture

Token Pool Governance

The DIA governance structure has been designed to enable autonomous and decentralised decision processes that empower stakeholders to suggest and vote on governance matters. This includes the allocation and distribution of the DIA Ecosystem Token Pool.

DIA Association will vote quarterly on future distribution on the Ecosystem Token Pool, starting Q4 2020. Proposals will be collected continuously and require a minimum of 1.000 DIA Governance Tokens. Participants who do not hold the required amount of tokens can still participate. To do so, DIA encourages sending proposals to delegation@diadata.org. All proposals will be shared with governance entitled DIA holders that can propose any issue for voting.

About DIA Labs

DIA Labs was created to incentivise the usage of an oracle design that is scalable due to its crowd sourced nature and transparent by providing complete information on the data source and methodologies used — both for the development of new applications as well as the improvement of existing applications. DIA’s oracle infrastructure provides the foundation for this and allows the nurturing of heterogeneous applications across the fast developing DeFi ecosystem.

DIA Labs is structured in three parts

  1. Forge: DIA wants to enable experimentation with new and existing applications, projects and entities within the greater DeFi community, in order to promote the success and growth of the ecosystem. We want to incentivise DEXs, lending and margin trading applications, derivatives solutions, prediction markets and insurance solutions to use safer and more versatile oracles. The Forge is where thinkers of the DeFi data realm can discuss and test new ideas.
  2. Depo: DIA is funding projects and tools with a particular focus on universal building blocks, infrastructure, research and public goods. Dedicated to projects and applications that are pushing the boundaries of the current state. We believe that applications which are built on a decentralised structure will require more versatile and scalable oracle solutions. The Depo is the open-source repository to fuel a robust DeFi economy.
  3. Assembly: DIA is committed to letting the community drive the development of the idea and interface that are DIA. How can the DIA platform develop over time? Which product features and applications does the platform need? Which ideas do we need to align the community behind in order to advance the concept behind DIA? The Assembly is the forum to propose, discuss and decide on the future path of the DIA Association.

Application Process

To ensure the lowest possible barriers to become a stakeholder in the DIA ecosystem, the application for DIA Labs does not require ownership of DIA Governance Tokens. The application process is currently being formalised and a rigid screening process will be implemented in the near future. In this early phase of DIA Labs, individuals and teams can submit projects via e-mail, describing 1) the project itself, 2) the benefit for the DeFi ecosystem and 3) the desired DIA budget and a timeline. Send your application to labs@diadata.org.

We also encourage independent actors to apply to execute a project or nominate projects they would like to use DIA oracles. Applications will be screened and submitted for approval by DIA Governance Token holders on a continuous basis.


Approved projects will receive DIA Governance Tokens for the execution of the project. In order to integrate external parties in the execution of a project we recommend to use the bounty platform Gitcoin. Projects that have been created through Gitcoin will receive funding directly. Projects must be committed to the DIA Github.


DIA Labs is funded by the DIA Ecosystem Token Pool. A total of 3M DIA Governance Tokens have been allocated for the next 12 months as a budget (timeframe: 01.08.2020–31.08.2021). Additional budget can be allocated to the DIA Labs funding. In order to receive additional funding, DIA Governance Token holders can propose an additional funding that will require a positive voting by the DIA Governance Token Holders.

First projects

The first projects will be announced soon. Make sure that yours is part of the first batch and apply now: labs@diadata.org

About DIA

DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) is an open-source, financial information platform that utilises crypto economic incentives to source and validate data. Market actors can supply, share and use financial and digital asset data.



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