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Transparency Report

Who holds DIA Tokens? Which are the main addresses holding tokens? Which lock-ups are in place? How is the reserve being treated? This transparency report will be frequently updated to provide all stakeholders with insight into the governance token holdings and flows.

Last updated: 12.Sep.2022

Breakdown of Circulating Supply

Circulating supply are tokens that are not locked in smart contracts. In practice, they could all enter circulation. A significant portion of the tokens is locked by agreements. We choose to include non-locked tokens i.e. from strategic investors as circulating. This may lead to an overstatement on actual circulating supply, but is a more practical approach.

DIA Token Release Schedule

Bonding Curve sale: 10.163.248,42

Private sale: 9.948.813

Founders/Team: 12.402.778

Advisors: 1.600.000

Strategic Sale: 14.100.000

Seed investors: 1.829.051

Ecosystem/DIA Labs Tokens: 33.480.988

August-2022 Circulating Supply = 83.524.878

Bonding Curve Sale

  • 30M DIA tokens were up for offering
  • 10.163.248 DIA tokens were sold
  • 19.836.752 DIA tokens were burned
  • The final batch price was $2,72
  • Tokens were directly distributed

Company Reserve

  • 75.492.500 DIA tokens.
  • Released yearly depending upon DAO vote outcome. Unlocked over an annual, linear schedule over 10 years (9,15 M p.a.) following the lock-up of the bonding curve. Used for operating expenses, ESOP, distribution over years for product, DIA labs, ecosystem and further DIA developments.
  • DAO Vote Outcome 2021: Burn 25% of the reserve tranche; i.e. 2.2875 M DIA and use the remaining 6.8625 M DIA, for growth of cross-chain integrations, staking and marketing initiatives and product.
  • DAO Vote Outcome 2020: DIA’s team proposal had passed, resulting in a burn of 4.575M DIA Tokens from the reserve. The remaining 4.575M DIA may be used for activity to create value for the DIA token holder community. The burn was executed at the end of December 2020.
  • The locked-up DIA reserve tokens have no voting rights.
  • Security Update 26.07.2021: the DIA Company Reserve has been moved to a Coinbase Custody wallet. On-Chain Audit trail:

Private Sale

  • Capped at 10 M DIA Tokens. Sold out.
  • These private sale DIA Tokens were locked-up until August 18, 2020; 4 am CEST (after the end of bonding curve)
  • Proceeds generated: Used for salaries, marketing, operational expenses at the choice of the Association, Audited.


Existing backers/investors/advisors

  • 19,5M DIA tokens (9.8%), partially locked-up
  • Biggest token investor (Outlier Ventures) statement on long-term holdings
  • Previous token and equity rounds: a) Initial round 2018: € 0,25M; b) Seed round Q4 2019; €0,5M from traditional financial and crypto-focused investors (EU funds and angels).
  • DIA is also eligible and has received public grants and funding, and we are further developing R&D projects with universities and academic institutions for EU and Swiss public funding.
  • The existing allocation of 3,5M DIA tokens for advisory has now been distributed.

Price and Details: These contracts are covered by confidentiality agreements.

Locked-up partially via legal contracts from 4–36 months from the signature.

Ecosystem/Lab Pool Tokens

*Ecosystem Token Pool is locked for association use. Usage in the context of Ecosystem Token Pool applications as outlined in the Ecosystem Token Pool description is enabled.

About DIA

DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) is an open-source, financial information platform that utilises crypto economic incentives to source and validate data. Market actors can supply, share and use financial and digital asset data.



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DIA Core Team

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