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The Journey of our Talent Acquisition & Engagement — EMEAA team

What is it like to be part of the Talent Acquisition & Engagement team at Dialectica, Europe’s fastest-growing expert network company according to “FT 1000: Europe’s fastest-growing companies” report? Stella Malle, Head of the team, describes it as a truly tremendous experience!

Dialectica’s Talent Acquisition and Engagement — EMEAA team

Hi Stella! You joined Dialectica in May 2020 and since then you and the team have on boarded over 250 new joiners to #teamDialectica. Can you take a moment to introduce us to the role of the Talent Acquisition and Engagement — EMEAA team and its contribution to the objectives of the business?

Hello, of course! So yes, the team started having a presence in 2018 — there was only one HR & recruitment employee at the time. Steadily, as the business grew and started scaling, we expanded to a Talent Acquisition & Engagement Team of nine — myself, as Head of Talent Acquisition and Engagement for EMEAA, Eliza, Elvira and Harry, our Talent Acquisition Specialists and Vivi, Anna and Ifigeneia as Talent Acquisition Associates. Vivi has also joined the team as Talent Engagement Associate and Michalis is our People Ops Intern.

One core element of Dialectica’s growth strategy is to be an employer of choice that constantly improves its employee value proposition and our mission as a team is to help Dialectica attract, hire, develop and retain talented professionals that will drive force and generate value for the business. Our key focus is on maximizing employee value through talent acquisition and management, employee experience and culture. To date, we have scaled and achieved business growth through effective, high-volume recruitment, by creating an unparalleled candidate and employee experience and by building a team of high caliber employees that nurture our exceptional company culture. Of course, there is still room for further improvement as we grow and we constantly work on updating and revamping our processes to give our people the best employee experience.

How does the structure of the team work exactly? What are the responsibilities of each member?

In order to be efficient at what we do, from sourcing candidates to recruitment, hiring and retaining talent and creating programs to keep our employees happy and engaged, to closely partnering with several stakeholders, we have distributed different responsibilities among us and entrusted each of our team members with dedicated responsibilities.

Our Talent Acquisition Specialists act as “Talent Partners”, driving impact through full-cycle recruitment — from sourcing to offers — for a variety of entry to senior-level positions across the business. They establish and maintain meaningful relationships across the entire Dialectica team, including cross-functional relationships with internal stakeholders, guide hiring teams and managers by providing training and resources and ensure an outstanding candidate and employee experience.

Our Talent Acquisition Associates are our “Candidate Advocates”, making sure to provide excellent customer service both internally and externally. They support the day-to-day functions of recruiting, hiring and onboarding by tracking recruiting activities, building relationships and streamlining through innovative sourcing techniques and recruitment.

On the Engagement side, our Associate assists in building an employee-focused workplace culture through the creation and management of employee programs, initiatives and activities, acting as a “Culture Ambassador”. She actively listens and gathers actionable insights to help elevate work experience, productivity and foster a diverse workplace.

Our PeopleOps Intern’s main duties are to coordinate interviews with the team, post-interview debrief meetings and to provide debrief materials. Additionally, his responsibilities include taking care of our employee databases and administration tasks and contributing to the employee hiring and benefit administration process. He’s our “Talent Gatekeeper”, guaranteeing together with the team that all our new joiners have a smooth and engaging start.

As for me, as Head of the team, I am passionate about creating an inspirational work environment and culture, where we can perform at our best…and have fun while doing so! I enjoy helping startups and scaleups grow! At Dialectica, I am responsible for scaling our EMEA team by attracting, selecting and onboarding talented professionals, building solid infrastructure through efficient employee programs and procedures, partnering with and coaching executives to align business strategy with organizational strategy, and building an organization where employee happiness and high engagement lead to high performance and winning teams.

Dialectica has already achieved some significant recognitions in Greece, including two Best Workplace Awards and a couple of HR Awards. What are your team goals for the future?

The company’s objective is to reach 1000 professionals in the next 4–5 years, so we have our hands full already and are working on this ambitious goal! From now onwards, our plan is to continue hiring about 20–25 professionals every month. At the same time, our focus will also stand on building a successful technology team, increasing our software engineering and product teams by 30%. We strive to create an inclusive working environment that fits tomorrow’s needs and way of life!

In the meantime, coming in first place as the Best Workplace for 2022 is a significant goal we want to achieve — we will never settle!

Now it’s time for you to give us some tips for future — or present — job candidates. What are the skills that you are looking for as a team?

A Dialectican is someone who has the passion to succeed, the can-do attitude to become a true leader and the willingness to continuously learn and develop their soft and technical skills, not a person with a specific degree or years of experience in one field. What we are definitely looking for in an individual before employing them is to fit our company’s culture and values.

Building a winning team for Dialectica means hiring people with the right skills, personality and fit for our fast paced environment. To be successful in a scaleup, people should be adaptable, flexible and able to deal with constant change. We scale up so fast that employees have to be able to enjoy the continuous change and work in cross functional teams. In one word… working at Dialectica is one big sprint! Therefore, we are looking for people who are energetic and share the same passion! Candidate’s skills and behavioral traits are always being assessed through multiple recruitment stages that we’ve mainly developed ourselves.

Our focus is on hiring the right people and hiring for quality over quantity. As a team, we have clearly identified what we are looking for in each role and what type of person would be successful, the skills needed and how this connects to our company values. Having to deal with volume recruiting can certainly be a challenge, however our main focus still stands on hiring for quality. It is better to wait for the right person, instead of just filling a position, despite pressure on delivery. Hiring the wrong people can have a huge impact on the business and the teams. If in doubt, you need to keep looking.

Can you also give your top interview advice to us?

  • Do your research on the company, culture, executive team & competitors; and understand how you can bring value & make an impact. Before your first interview with Dialectica or even before applying, visit our social media accounts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as our Medium blog, to find out more about us and our culture.
  • Review the job description and think carefully about what skills, accomplishments and interview answers will resonate with your interviewers most
  • Be transparent and truthful; present yourself as you truly are
  • Be clear and concise; practice through mock interviews to boost your confidence
  • Prepare for questions; it’s also your turn to ask us anything
  • Be natural; You’ve made it all the way here, so don’t forget to enjoy the experience

At Dialectica, we write blog posts, host webinars, have thesis students, have very close ties with the universities and we often give guest lectures. Therefore, whoever is interested to join us can learn a lot about us and prepare for the interview, as there is a lot of information out there on how to become a Dialectican!

To join our growing teams in Athens, London, Montreal and New York and apply for our current career opportunities, visit our Careers page.



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