Thinking Outside The Box

The SDR Team @ demandDrive

In sales development, what’s the best way to capture someone’s attention?

I recently found myself in a rut. It wasn’t for lack of calling or a lack of prospects to reach out to…but something wasn’t clicking. After three weeks of calls and emails to prospects without much of a response, I found myself in need of a change.

It was time to start thinking outside the box.

I thought about it from the prospects’ standpoint: If someone were to phone me out of the blue, what could they say to keep me interested? It dawned on me that if the roles were reversed, I would give my time to someone who was informed and had a purpose for reaching out, rather than trying to sell me something.

The specifics of my project allow me to learn pertinent information just by combing through company websites. I started targeting specific accounts and identifying needs/pain points through research prior to calling.

During the next series of calls, instead of stating my intent, I began by posing questions unique to each prospects’ current situation.

I was finding immediate success. Not only was I getting the information I needed when I had a prospect on the phone, but I was also experiencing an exponential spike in e-mail and voicemail responses.

Taking the extra time to learn about each individual prospect has been the key to my project’s success, and developing an intelligent attack plan has been a crucial component for my overall success as a SDR. I’ve since developed my strategy even further and I will continue to alter my approach.

A great example is from a lead that I just recently passed: I used my targeted strategy, which was suited to address this company’s specific pain points. The prospect was surprised to find that I had done my homework and knew of their current issues. The qualification call was smooth and seamless — within ten minutes the prospect was scheduled for a product demo.

A little preparation goes a long way.

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