We’ve all gone through the ebbs and flows of the workplace — the ups and downs throughout our career — and when you’re down it always seems to last just a bit longer than the ups. But, hey, is it really ever that bad?

When the good times are rolling, staying atop the wave and riding it out as long as possible becomes the goal. As a Sales Development Rep, however, it’s important to remember what got you riding that wave in the first place: the extra work that allowed you to understand your prospect and their needs. Your success is about them, not you. Can’t you do that with every prospect? That, in and of itself, is a rewarding experience.

Don’t get me wrong: some days cold calling can be frustrating. People are rude, they don’t return your calls, or will respond with “please remove” emails. Having the ability to shrug the negative parts off is important.

Having a good work environment certainly helps, but having that certain “release” at the end of the day is key. Whether you compete in a Skee-Ball league or cook a delectable dinner for your significant other, make sure to keep finding things that keep you active and your mind free from work.

Having this release/hobby will show up in both your tone and attitude on the phone while prospecting. Your prospects will notice and appreciate the humanizing nature you exude because, at the end of the day, our prospects are only human too.

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