Submission Logistics

We do not condone any form of profanity, bigotry, or plagiarism. Each article must be of a minimum “3 minute read”, approximately 650 words, and include an “preview” picture of proper citation, at least 1000 px in width. The pieces must be written with a sense maturity and be without any spelling, grammatical, or punctual error. We encourage our writers to act with a large amount of autonomy: please consider changing the text style, integrating quotes, or otherwise formatting each article to suit your style and preference.

Though we cover a great variety of topics, we are most encouraging of submissions concerning current events, politics, science, philosophy and history given that these align best with our mission and typically experience the greatest amount of success and popularity.

We reserve the right to edit the imagery and text of submissions. The writer will be notified of all edits. Our writers have the right to withdraw their article from the publication at any time.

All articles can be submitted through Medium. It is in the writer’s best interest to submit unpublished drafts. Medium’s algorithm will boost drafts when they are published and placed on a publication but not when an already-published article is placed on a publication. We will leave a private note within a day of your submission containing details on when and where the piece will be published. We reserve the right to share submitted and published articles through our profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and ManyStories.

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