The Biggest Issue in Paying for Health Care in America

When looking at the current health care system we have in place, I find that it is fundamentally flawed.

The cost of medical care is immense and has a direct effect on the quality of care people receive. The leaders of our country debate this issue almost daily and seem to never find a solution that they can agree on. Why do we have a financially unmanageable healthcare system? The list of causes for the constantly rising cost of healthcare is extensive, however there is one reason that stand out at the core of the issue. Capitalism induced, money grabbing.

It is clear to me that the main reason that the cost of health care is so outrageous, is simply due to capitalism. Capitalism is the economic and political system that our country runs on. It is a system that promotes profit first, instead of health. Now hear me out, a capitalist economy has helped us accomplish a lot as a country. With this system we quickly rose to a world power and have maintained that for many years. It has done a lot of good for all of us. However, I ask this question… at what cost?

With this system gives license to healthcare facilities, medical material companies, pharmaceutical companies and even medical insurances to charge outrageous prices. The need for medical attention most often outweighs the cost we must pay. In other words, we are willing to pay whatever the cost to get the help we need. Even if that means we have to go deep into debt. Our country has no effective way to limit these charges because our medical system is built on the same concepts as the rest of the country. And even attempts we have made to solve this issue have been like placing a small bandaid on a hemorrhaging wound. Medicaid and Medicare are not enough. They were not designed to resolve the issue, only postpone it. The Affordable Care Act has taken strides to limit this issue for those who need help, however it is clear that the ACA is not enough to answer for health care costs and they continue to rise.

Out of all the developed countries in the world, America has the highest annual medical cost per person.

NPR shared a statistic that shows the personal average cost to be over $9200. The average among other developed countries is $4000 less. And these other developed countries have government funded health care. This means that those people that need care do not have to consider their need versus cost of of their care.

This begs me to ask some questions. Why don’t we have government funded healthcare? Why is it so bad? Why do so many people hate the idea of it? What is so bad about paying taxes to help ourselves and those around us? What if those taxes actually went towards something good that has a direct effect on our well being?

Now, if you have $9000 laying around maybe it’s not such a big deal to you. But I can tell you this, most people do not have that kind of cash available. How often is health sacrificed due to inadequate funds? The system is built for the rich, in fact it is built to make people rich. And that is despicable. I’m not coming against people who are rich, but I do have a problem with the idea of being rich at the cost of other peoples lives.

What I am suggesting won’t happen overnight. It will take years to really change how we meet the medical needs of the people in our country. But we can do it. We should do it. No more bandaids on gapping wounds. It is time to change our system and provide healthcare as a human right, not a bargaining chip for companies to hold over us and our families.

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