Sprawl Livestream Episode #006: David Mitchell, Peter Oliver, Bob Lang, Brian Wong, and Larry Leach

Today’s podcast profile focuses on a variety of topics that came up during the election including the divisiveness of the election, Chinese participation in the municipal election, and communication association and their roles. Peter Oliver is the president of the Beltline Communities Association and host of the Palgary Almanac on CJSW 90.9. Bob Lang is the president of the Cliff-Bungalow-Mission Community Association. David Mitchell is the CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO). Brian Wong is a reporter for both OMNI Cantonese and Fairchild Radio in Calgary. Larry Leach is the chair of the Association for Responsive Trusteeship in Calgary Schools (ARTICS), president of the Crossroads Community Association, and Executive Directive of the 12 Community Safety Initiative. Panelists discussed the quality of candidates and politicians, and does our representation reflect the diversity and number of people living in the constituency? Was the election based on the character of candidate versus issues that Calgarians are actually facing? Regardless of ethnicity, does it truly take a disaster in order to get more Calgarians involved in civic politics beyond those who are hyper-engaged?

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