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Dialogue with Pedagogues August Newsletter: Acceleration vs. Remediation

Welcome to the first installment of Dialogue with Pedagogues! Jamie, John and Sarah are excited to share their thoughts, ideas, questions and critiques on Pre-K to 12 education in the United States. Each month we will share with you three to five articles we found worth reading, two commentaries — likely representing different views, and an interview with an educational leader. This first month’s collection centers on the debate of how best to meet the needs of students returning to school this fall. We know there has been lost instructional time and/or learning loss for students. We can all agree that the past year and half has been anything but predictable or dare we say normal for students and teachers.

The articles we featured this month range from the TNTP report in partnership with Zearn on acceleration, and three perspectives on the instructional approach teachers may employ when students return to school this fall. Hearing the thoughts and perspectives of multiple authors on the recommendations for managing learning loss provided the basis for the two commentaries.

Jamie and Sarah each share their thoughts on how schools, instructional leaders, and teachers can meet the needs of students given the disruption to their education over the past year and half. We know that you will find their perspectives distinct and hopefully enlightening if not thought provoking.

The final feature is an interview with Indianapolis Public Schools Chief Academic Officer Dr. Warren Morgan. John conducted this interview and shares the thoughtful reflection and student centered approach Dr. Morgan has for the upcoming school year and the students of IPS.

We look forward to your ongoing readership and dialogue with us. Please share your thoughts and feedback with us, as well as any interesting topics or articles you would like us to feature. Thanks for reading.



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