AStep 1 — choose a topic to express an opinion on.

A world where public opinion is always visible to all

There is a clear need for a system that allows any person to express any opinion on any subject.

Even more so — done in a way that is transparent, accountable and provides all participants with immediate results. Informing them how everyone else feels on any particular topic — the public opinion visualised to all.

Right now organisations of all kinds are rather drowning in data than navigating in it towards their goals. Both the private and public sector have been employing a multitude of tools and methodologies to try to keep up with public dynamics, be it citizen voters or clients and consumers.

Yet even though all these CRM, market research, sociology, questionnaires, call centres and more recently sentiment analysis platforms, have been incrementally refined, a clear, vibrant and most importantly up to date picture of what the citizen / client / customer feels about the organisation, its services, products and staff — has been illusive.

It is our core belief that today we have both the need and the capabilities amongst all involved parties to build a better way. A new way of mass-communication that is enabled only now not only by the advent of the internet, but also by the change in consumer culture it brought with it.

It is our mission to build this platform. This system which allows for a seamless, easy, rewarding exchange of opinion. Enriched with the huge amounts of accompanying data, that empowers all those who participate to literally see and understand each other. All in a dynamic, real-time, visual way that bursts the social media bubble, transcends the data noise and ultimately results in actual insights -

A dialogue through data.

The problem

The root cause is at the intersection of all the symptoms. To solve a problem one must address the source, not pluck at the surface.

Appreciating the illustrated complexity, we aim at bringing change to one of the great perils of our time — the lack of constructive dialogue amidst the sea of chatter;

We strive for information leading to solutions extracted from the storm of data. All done in a way openly rewarding to all participating parties.

A solution

A constant, real-time, new form of mass-communication that is beyond the social media bubble and by design made to be a form of technology enabled “telepathy”.

Allowing citizens and NGOs to have a say in the processes so far reserved for big organisations and reap the benefits of information so far provided only by big research companies.

Enabling media to facilitate expression of opinion by audience willingly voting on any subject within any article & any TV show. Thus providing a new, valuable and valued (paid) service to both its audience and its advertisers.

To make it all possible — we align the interests of the driving force of the world today — businesses, so they map, monitor and understand their stakeholders like never before. And thus drive adoption amongst them.

Business is not the enemy — the lack of understanding on both sides is.

All the while, with the explicit knowledge of each voter, each simple slide of the finger feeds the database and the system’s algorithms with literally hundreds, often times thousands of rows of data.

This is because unlike with standard questionnaires all data points related to each user of the system are always taken into account when analysing each data point.

This allows the system to show in real time to the clients how people feel about their organisation, product, service, initiative, staff member, where are these people from, from what age groups, genders, locations, websites (articles) and much, much more (but NEVER who each individual voter is).

All done in real-time, with virtually no limitation to the number of voters/votes per second. Something especially interesting to TV hosts who can for the first time truly see and understand what their public is saying as the show is going, instead of trying to keep up by reading tweets and facebook posts.

Furthermore the expression of opinion by the voter can be just the touch-point, the entry point of automated interaction — the platform offers to its customers the ability to present pre-programmed information, questions and even rewards to the voters in accordance to their profile, specific criteria and at expressed opinion.

The market for our services is actually an amalgamation of various markets.

It is not just a new way to do market research, customer satisfaction monitoring, quality assurance or an early warning system.

Because in its core the system is truly a new form of mass-communication blended by design with deep analytics, it has the potential to add to almost any of the here enlisted services, solutions and activities.