How to activate on any HTML page

example use case for the inline sentiment sharing, see more at

This is a reference to be used by website developers and/or people who make regular updates to websites, who need to include our sentiment sharing app in their website.

holler inline tag highlighter

You will need a dashboard login account to access our dashboard and create your topics. Request a test account by emailing

It takes two simple changes to your HTML code in order to enable the inline sentiment sharing app on any web page:

  • add the following stylesheet link in the head section:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">
  • add the following script right before the closing body tag:
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

For each item you want to enable voting on, simply wrap the topic text in a span and give it the holler class:

Text with <span class="holler">Some Topic</span> and more text.

It is possible to customise the user experience with one or more of the following extended tag attributes:

  • data-lang="en" forces the inline app to be presented in English. The 2-letter code of any supported language can be given as value:
<span class="holler" data-lang="en">Some Topic</span>
  • data-return="true" closes the inline app directly after voting and thus prevents the user from further voting on other topics from the topic stream:
<span class="holler" data-return="true">Some Topic</span>

End result on desktop

End result on mobile

See the benefits of using in your online environment in the linked PDF below or by visiting