Belize Flood Relief Campaign

Help us raise $65,000.00 so we can help those in need in Belize..

My name is Frederick Flowers CEO of Corozal Pride Foundation a non-profit corporation working to “ building a better Belize for the next generation” campaign. We are asking your help in this campaign for Belize. In the last three weeks Belize has been getting rain non-stop, causing a lot of destruction to the country. We are running campaigns on indiegogo and gofundus. We are here asking your pledge and support in helping us generate funds to help the country with medical and financial needs to the residents of the country, any help is considered help so please feel free to contact us and make a pledge.

Fred Flowers

Corozal Pride Foundation
1725 Ocean Ave Unit 226
Santa Moinca CA, 90401
Frederick Flowers

Non-profit Tax ID # 47–5249589
Non-profit Enitiy ID # C 3834667
Chase Bank
Routing # 322271627
Acoount # 207885328 news link to the country of Belize
Thank For Your support and Pledge….

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