Moon Together(Solution to secure our Moon)

Episode 1. Earth

Shepherd boys get to raise a flock of sheep on a jointly owned meadow (Earth).

One day, while they are watching their sheep grazing, a thought crosses their mind.

‘It would be my loss if I have fewer sheep than others on the grazing field.’

‘It would be my gain if I have one or more sheep than others on the grazing field.’

‘I should put one or more sheep of mine on the grazing field’

Any reasonable person will come to the same conclusion.

‘ One more!’

‘ And another one!’

The shepherd boys keep putting more sheep on the grazing field even after the field turned into a barren field.

Episode 2.The Moon

In the end, the meadow has turned into a barren field.

One shepherd comes up with an idea of going to the island called by Moon.

Anybody can go to the island as it is an uninhabited place.

However, only this shepherd boy has a raft by which he can reach the island.

He loads his raft with his flock of sheep and goes to the island to feed them.

The other shepherds, watching this, are now bent on building their own rafts but only a few of them succeed. Those who have failed have no choice but to watch the barren field helplessly.


Who has the ownership of the nearby island (the moon)?

On what grounds do the shepherd boys with rafts monopolize the grazing field on the moon?

Is there any solution to this?

Case Study

People in Deokdong Village, for 300 years, have been putting consistent efforts in taking good care of pine trees, which were not only used as firewood but also used as tributes for the king.

“ Excessive logging is prohibited.

When one cuts trees, the one shall pay the price for the tree

and when one violates the rule, the one should pay fines.”

Each tree has a name tag of the person in charge and the trees are taken care of by the whole village.

Tree-Keeping Book, the record of pine trees, has been passed down for 300 years.

The trees are registered under the name of the person in charge. The information is publicly disclosed and the whole community takes care of the trees in accordance with the rules set by the villagers.

Solution to the Moon Issue

Why do people steal toilet paper from public restrooms?

People should establish their own meadow management rules.

The entity which should take initiative in solving common land issues is not the government or the market but ‘the local community’.

We should make the story of the moon a comedy not a tragedy.

We need voluntary cooperation for solving common problems of mankind.

The solution is to add privatization to the concept of common land.

The moon is the common heritage of mankind.

The fate of the moon is not so much different from that of the island.

When it comes to the common heritage of mankind,

100% of the time, things would go as follows: Either nobody can develop the land or only selected countries or companies can take ownership of the land.

It is highly unlikely that all humans can enjoy the equal rights.

Look at the monopoly of wealth created by colonization of Latin America by European imperialists in the 15th-18th century.

Even for the sake of our future generation, the moon must not be centralized by certain organizations.

The concept of decentralization based on block chain technology should be applied to the moon so that mankind can claim shared ownership over the moon.

We should make a land registration map and participate in registration process.

We should raise our voice for our ownership.

By Moon Ownership Movement Headquarter