Building Connected Communities: Lawrence Eta — CTO, City of Toronto

Toronto City Hall

Lawrence: “Toronto is a city that puts the community first and drives change, transformation and innovation”.

  1. Equity and Inclusion
  2. A Well-run City
  3. Social, Environmental, and Economic Benefits
  4. Privacy and Security
  5. Democracy and Transparency
  6. Digital Autonomy

Lawrence: “the vision starts with the community right in the middle, and every thing that goes around it in the next 10 years must be about the community”.

business and technology conversations must always translate into benefits for the people; both for the collectives and for each specific individual.



A Strategy Officer’s learnings from building, innovating and scaling 35+ businesses in 10 industries.

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Gunjan Syal

I build, innovate and scale success in a way that the results are visible, measurable and repeatable, through responsible innovation.