Terraform This: When Things Go Wrong on Transformations…

Day 19 (mid-Sep 2020): The terrarium has experienced lots of change over the last 2 weeks…

  1. Absent Leadership: I was too busy to check in on it and direct growth. Hence, a range of temperature swings due to window proximity and inconsistent resource availability.
  2. Impact: Mold made a come back and killed 2 plant varieties. All moss varieties entered hibernation. Springtails are nowhere to be found.
  3. Resiliency: One “extinct” plant variety distributed tiny red seeds before death-by-mold; there are many seedlings sprouting up. Moss is on the rebound with water spray. Surprisingly, one plant variety and a rouge grass blade have thrived.
  4. Get-To-Green: A governance to review/ direct temperature, resource and mold conditions regularly to bring the ecosystem back to healthy growth.

This is a practical analogy for what it’s like to run a transformation without sufficient leadership direction and changemanagement components. Competition takes over as a modus operandi and begins to impact the bottom line.

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