Transformation to Innovation

We’ve all been on an interesting journey since the discovery of COVID-19. This journey has likely inspired multiple transition points for each of us. These transitions, packed within short two years, would have traditionally taken a lifetime to materialize at an individual level. And since there are no businesses without the people, the amalgamation of these journeys have led to multiple market and business ecosystem shifts — some predictable and others surprising. These shifts are reshaping the future for every generation to come.

For me, last two years have led to changes that took my profession from a ‘transformation delivery’ focus for one client at a time, to an ‘innovation’ mindset with a special focus on business models and ecosystem-wide interactions that drive ultimate customer value. These conversations are especially important as we explore AI, blockchain, robotics and other disruptive technologies to create a better future. These conversations are necessary to create solutions for complex world-wide challenges, such as climate change and space travel. This inspired creation of the transform this platform and pivoting of GoEmerald into an innovation firm. As a result, I was gifted the opportunity to meet and work (remotely) with inspiring leaders at a global scale. This would have been impossible in the pre-pandemic universe.

At a personal level, this journey included multiple situations that felt like bouts of mid-life crisis, especially when one is actively chasing chaos or complex problems in the middle of a pandemic. These demanded that I redefine what ‘life balance’ looks like and update the criteria for tradeoffs in my life — an exercise still in progress and requiring a lot more work…

As we enter 2022, I look forward to sharing my learnings through this newsletter, in a data-driven and fact-based manner. If this interests you, I look forward to two-way conversations with you 🙌

Until then, wishing you a safe end to a transformative 2021, and a wonderful start to an innovative 2022!

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Gunjan Syal

Gunjan Syal

I build, innovate and scale success in a way that the results are visible, measurable and repeatable, through responsible innovation.

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