Diary of a Liberal
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Diary of a Liberal

We Won!

Man I am reading over some of my diary entries from the past and this one just pops for me, you know, it’s like today’s today, the battlefield changes but we keep on fighting the same old fights, you know what I mean? See what you think.

Ha ha, or as they say, LOL. It’s a wonderful day when you realize that all your efforts have paid off. It’s a really great high, man, when you know you’ve won. Oh Lord, it almost makes me believe in God and want to go to some church where they do those miracles. Is that what Episcopal means?




Imagine going to sleep as a dedicated liberal in 1990 and waking up today, still a dedicated liberal.

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Dan Martin

Dan Martin

Retired. I know too little and think too much. Interested in theology, sanity in politics, science, and whatever shiny toy catches my eye at the moment.

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