Diary of a Liberal
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Diary of a Liberal

White Shoes

Well, I really like talking to my conservative friend, it seems like those are usually the best conversations, you know, maybe because we don’t try to convert each other, we just talk about current events and all and try to see each others’ POV, well, most of the time anyway. But the other day we get in this weirdo conversation and what we’re talking about is how we talk to each other, you know, his ilk and mine and he all the sudden gets this melancholy look all over his face and he wonders why I listen at all given everything going on and I really feel for him because it doesn’t seem like he has much of a space anymore for being a…




Imagine going to sleep as a dedicated liberal in 1990 and waking up today, still a dedicated liberal.

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Dan Martin

Dan Martin

Retired. I know too little and think too much. Interested in theology, sanity in politics, science, and whatever shiny toy catches my eye at the moment.

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