Day 0.5

And so it begins. My wife has been gone for less than four hours and already we’re eating leftovers for dinner. If day old cold pizza doesn’t say single* dad, I don’t know what does. Not that she ate much, but that’s a battle that we fight everyday.

We watched a little TV together. I think that’s compulsory once you enter the fraternity of SD’s. It was My Little Pony — which I fear has become the soundtrack to my life.

In the exhaustion of the day, it was surprisingly easy to get Stormy into bed. However, this seem to have been a ploy as she has now migrated into my room and mined the bed with a series of caltrops in the shape of small plastic toys with pointy armaments. Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and Shifu look at me from my pillow and I am scared to think about what else is below the covers. I am reduced to looking at this small girl, who somehow manages to take up 80% of the bed, and wondering if I’ll ever sleep again.

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* For those who are worried, I’m not actually single. My wife has started a 5-month contract in Australia (yay). This is a Very Good Thing™. Stormy will be staying with me here in Singapore and I have great help both remotely (from my wife) and locally. I’m writing this purely for fun and to practice writing. :-)