Day 104

Stormy wakes with the sun today. It’s a bright day for a bright girl. For some unknowable reason she’s picked this morning to be super bubbly and excited. She even asks for an extra serve of breakfast — Vegemite toast. The Australian in me is so proud. She even has time to watch cartoons.

After dropping her at the bus, my first stop this morning is the doctor’s surgery for some blood tests. While I’m waiting… “PING”. I look to my phone to see a stream of smiling Stormy pictures. Some of the mothers from her class send me photo’s and videos from the missed the presentation yesterday. I spend the time in the waiting room — heart full of joy — watching Stormy sing about precipitation and talk in Mandarin.

After work, I come home and she’s the same bouncy girl from this morning. It’s movie night. We watch Trolls for the millionth time.

It’s late as we’re preparing for bed. Stormy turns and looks at me. The bounce gone and tears in her eyes. “I miss my Mummy”, she starts to cry. “I want a hug from Mummy.” A hug from Daddy suffices as I carry her into her room. I sit with her for a little while as she falls asleep.

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