Day 124 or “The Day Stormy Invents the ‘Mystery Hat’”

This morning goes as usual. She wakes, has breakfast and is ready for the school bus on time. However she’s a little nervous about one of her schoolmates who keeps following her around and touching her. Her mother and I decide that it’s time to bring out the big guns. Yes, we write a polite letter to the school principle. That’ll show them. Seriously though, we’ve asked the teachers to be more aware and to keep them separate if he continues. I’m hoping that will be enough.

The evening is full of joyful parenting. It’s starts as soon as I get home and find Stormy trying to make a car-fort (don’t ask) out of one of the chairs. I watch her struggle to tie a rope across it. She just winding it around and is getting upset that it doesn’t stay where she leaves it. I sit down with her and teach her how to tie a basic knot. I feel like a proper father at this point.

After dinner we Skype her mother and Stormy decides she wants to show mummy some toys. She runs off and comes back declaring that she can’t find them. I offer to help her look but she takes responsibility. “It’s my fault and I’m going to find them” she says. I’m so proud of her. It lasts about 2 minutes whereupon she comes back and randomly puts a hat on my head. She declares it to be the Mystery Hat. “When you wear the mystery hat you have to go and find things” she states matter of factly. So now it’s my turn to find the toys. Which I do.

We finish the night by playing her new favourite game. Bad guy and bad guy. We run around the house “destroying” all the good guys and turning them evil. She really likes to win and takes it very seriously. It’s a little scary that she likes playing the bad guy so much.

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