Day 176 or “The Day Stormy Gets An Extra 2 Hours Of Cartoons”

Sleep comes slow and morning comes fast. Despite the lateness of my sleep, Stormy takes great delight in waking me at the usual hour. No Sunday morning sleep in for us. I begrudgingly get out of bed, turn on some morning cartoons, and get her breakfast ready. I sit down beside her on the sofa.

2 hours later I wake up again. Stormy has quite cleverly done everything to avoid waking me so she can have a morning of uninterrupted cartoons. I can respect that. The fact she also surreptitiously ate the last of the leftover 🍰birthday cake in the fridge is a moment of pride.

But awake I do. I get her ready and out of the house for second breakfast at ToastBox. During breakfast I recieve a surprise invitiation to meet a couple of my friends who are in town for an Agile conference tomorrow (literally a block from my house). Stormy always likes to meet my friends so off we scoot. She’s really well behaved and sits there reading her book and playing games on her tablet.

After we bid farewell to my friends it’s time to take her to the botanical gardens for a playdate with her best friend and his family. We start with a small ice cream and corresponding small tantrum. But before long the two of them are running around like maniacs — completely disregarding the games of catch or rugby occuring around them. They collect fallen fruit from trees and we play catch with them. It’s sticky and fun.

We return home for dinner and I invite a couple of conference friends over. Stormy is very shy and quiet. Right up until bedtime when she goes into overdrive. She even puts on her 🐘 elephant costume for my friends. Anything to avoid bed.

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