Day 178 or “The Day Stormy Fixes a Toy”

It’s 10 minutes before Stormy’s bus arrives when we wake up. There’s a moment as I look at my clock in confusion before I realise what 7:45 means. “Crap, Stormy. Wake up!”. She rolls over and gives me a dirty look. “Your bus is here in 10 minutes!” I exclaim. I swear Stormy has the same momentary look of confusion before she realises what I mean. She’s bounces up quickly, but then slows down. She turns around and looks at me with a single raised eyebrow. “Can we have ToastBox for breakfast and you can take me to school” she asks. “Why not” is all I can think.

We’re on the scooter and on our way within 20 minutes. When we arrive at Great World City, she starts walking in a strange zig-zag. “I’m only stepping on the rectangles” she explains. “Rectangles are my favorite shape in the whole world” she continues, as if that somehow explains everything. After breakfast I scoot her to school before scooting back to the conference. Another two good presentations complete today.

After the lateness of last night, I decide not to bring anyone home with me. Stormy is disappointed. “Why didn’t you bring home some friends today” she asks. I explain that I want her to go to bed. She looks at me as if to say, “good luck”. In lieu of sleep, she settles down to play quietly in her room after dinner. After about 10 minutes she comes out to show me the wheel has fallen off the toy bus. I tell her we can fix it easily. I ask her to go and get the screwdriver from the cupboard. She runs off and returns with it. I go to fix, but she tell me. “No daddy, I can do it”. I hold the wheel in place while she carefully aligns the screwdriver and reattaches the wheel. She’s so exited that she fixed her own toy. I couldn’t be prouder.

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