Do you want to write your personal page, share your thoughts and tell your stories to inspire our Community? Get the chance to be featured in the Diary, discover what we write about and send us your pages.

***Disclaimer: this blog welcomes and respects everyone, be it XX or XY or ABZ or WY or MN Chromosome…well, you got the gist of it***

👋 Introduction

Dear Fellow Chromosomes,

Welcome to the Diary! This is your space to relax, unwind, read and share your life and experiences.

My name is DXXC and I have created Diary of an XX Chromosome to give to all women, whether born/grown/identified, a chance to tell their stories, a place in which they can make their voices heard and get in turn the support of our community and members.

To write your pages in the Diary, I have provided a few guidelines to follow.

Here is how it works.

✍ What you can write about

There are six categories in the Diary. You might choose to write a page for one or more:

  • Growing up & Other Serious Stuff — Dedicated to personal growth, self-reflection and lifestyle choices. In here you can tell and share your life stories and your journey to become your best self. Write about your past and present experiences, about your dreams and plans for the future you want to create and give tips to the community on how they can achieve theirs.
  • Business, Career & Other Adventures — Dedicated to business and your professional choices. Write about your achievements, your dream career and get the support of the Diary community. Do you have a business idea? Then pitch it to our community and get their feedback!
  • Love, Relationships & Other Disasters — Feeling like your Love life is more interesting than an episode of Sex and the City or want to write about your deepest desires that you are afraid to voice out loud? Then this section it’s for you!
  • Fitness, Health & Other Tortures — Are you a salad guru or is pizza your best friend? Do you hit the gym or are you Olympic Champion of coach jumping? Tell us about your fitness goals and motivation, your diet and how you stay fit (or unfit). Share your training routine and your recipes, inspire and get inspired to reach your health target!
  • Fashion, Beauty & Other Potions — Make yourself (un)comfortable and share your style with our community. Post the latest trends, share what makes you feel beautiful, your hacks and potions for the eternal source of youth and glamour.
  • Knowledge, Tools & Other Rumblings — All your interests and inspirations can be added to this section. From books to recent news, from philosophy to the latest technological trends, this is the section that allows you to express everything that you want to talk about and your thoughts on the topic.

🧾 Content and Rules

Choose your category and feel free to express yourself and your thoughts on any and all topics that you feel like sharing and might benefit our Community. The Diary encourages your complete freedom, we do not put any limits on post length and content and we do not shy away from the most controversial topics, provided this is respectful and doesn’t contain offensive remarks.

​In order to get your article featured in the Diary, we ask you to follow the few basic rules listed below. Your article won’t be published if:

  1. The content contains offensive comments and/or any form of insults and disrespect to our community and its members.
  2. It features inappropriate content and is against the Diary’s principles of inclusion and respect toward everybody.
  3. There are missing informations in your submission, so make sure to review the “How to Get Published” paragraph below and to include in your application all the informations that are listed.
  4. Your article contains severe grammar mistakes and misspellings that will prevent the reader to enjoy it. We warmly invite you to proofread your content before submitting it.

All articles that do not follow the Rules listed above won’t be published.

That being said we welcome all and every respectful opinions and stories, so let’s now take a look at how to get published!

📩 How to Get Published

Once you have written your article email it to:


Please make sure to include the following information:

  • Article title
  • The Category you want to be featured in (please refer to “What you can write about” paragraph for the full list of categories)
  • Your article. Either include it in the email body or as an attachment in Word or other editable forms, no PDF will be accepted.
  • Attachment or links to the pictures and/or videos you want to go with your content in case it is not already embodied within your article. We will not consider articles without at least one image or video.
  • The name (either a pseudonymous or your real name) that you wish to be published by. The Diary fully support your desire to stay anonymous and will treat your identity confidentially. Please note that we are not allowed to disclose your real credentials unless expressly authorized.
  • Please ensure you tell us if you want the comment section disabled (if not the default option allows our community to comment on your posts)

💅 Post Submission: What’s Next?

Once you have submitted your article to our email address, the Diary team will review your content.

If your article follows all the rules as depicted in the “Content and Rules” and in the “How to Get Published” section, your article will be published within 5 working days upon its reception, so check the Diary and our social media as often as you can to get updated!

Important: the Diary reserves the right to edit your content and change the publication Category as it deem fit.

So now that all is laid out, sit back and start typing! The Diary is waiting to hear your voice and publish your words!

Send your article at:


Diary of an XX Chromosome

Diary Of An XX Chromosome

Written by

Welcome to the Diary of an XX Chromosome! My name is DXXC and I have created a collective virtual Diary to share your story. www.diaryofanxxchromosome.com

Diary of an XX Chromosome

A virtual collective diary for women to share their experiences. Submit your publication at: pages@diaryofanxxchromosome.com

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