Are we supposed to be happy with the rat race?

The obvious answer is no. But that is not the actual answer. A rat race can be anything in life that we are chasing. It could be dreams, goals, and life itself. But our society pushes the rat race to being stages in our life that we need to reach. We are told where we should be and how we should get there but never told how to achieve that mile stone with ease.

Why is the rat race as society calls it such a debbie downer? The rat goes a little like this — go to school- go to college- get a nine to five job- and face artificial intelligence as it disrupts our way of life. Constructively they add in things we need along this time line such as a house, a wife or husband, and children. The beautiful Americanized piece of entrapment.

I call it the problem child to our own happiness. We structure our lives based on what we see and how we are raised but what our education tells us is that we need to proctor our world to stages. Happiness is defined by what things we get and what we drive rather who we are and what we are willing to do for another person.

Our timeline of where should be is what effects our happiness instead of living for the moment. Life passes us by and we waste it. Its like brushing our teeth and leaving the faucet on. Eventually we will run out of water. When? Well we won’t know that till our oceans are dry.

Thus, I sing the song of going against the grain. A nine to five is a detrimental shift for someone who stays up till four in the morning writing. Following a set path can tighten us to a quick road of stress and displeasure. Always fighting to get to the same place everyone else is.

A problem with happiness and the rat race is that we expect to be happy at a certain point in the race. But happiness is not uncovered through a path. It is found within us. I think we fail to see that shortness of time that we actually have here on earth. Wasting time can ruin you.

By this — everyone jumps for the next job. The better job. It creates an illusion that we need this whatever it is to be happy. Think about consumption. We consume everything we pass over from happiness to misery. I’ve found that in a flash death can happen so how do you want to live until then?

Stressed over some rat race? Or happy? The choice belongs to you.

We are not robots. We can not be replaced by another human being. We should start acting like the moment matters and less like its our job to join the rat race.

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