Building the bricks of your life one brick at a time

Bricks are built in our life like we how we do dishes. It always seems like our wall needs fixing, filling, and rebuilding. We work hard to make barriers in our life from mental to physical.

Societies massive brick

The falsity of the America dream is the theory that we can be whatever we want to be and still be fortunate in our life. ( There is no such thing as a starving artist right?) The American dream is just that a dream. A dream made to breed us like toys.

We have uniformly created a massive brick that allows this fabrication of the American dream to still hold hope in the people. Our brick is formed by the theory that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Our middle class is now being overly taxed and our poor can’t make enough money to efficiently live due to inflating living costs. We want to make it in life. We want to thrive . But only some jobs pay enough to let us live comfortable.

American dream is failing us

We become pressured to be lawyers, bankers, nurses, and doctors because our government tells us that any other way we would be fighting to breath. Societies biggest brick against us is its inability to fluctuate.

Our own emotions can be our own downfall

Another problem we have is that when a tough situation greets us we are quick to build emotional blocks against it. Per say if someone breaks up with you there is period of time where your walls are built to prevent someone from hurting you the same.

I think in a sense our society is getting scared to feel. Its like we start feeling and get scared that following through with it makes us weak. Sorry to burst those egocentric bullies out there but being weak is having to bully.

Our physical bricks are often made to separate people. Classes, walls, and even yards. I’ve seen some pretty rock walls that farmers use to determine land. We created cell phones to block out interactions when we get bored with what we are seeing in life.


People create bricks within their mind for many reasons but what are some of yours?