It gets everyone

It gets everyone. We taste it like a sour patch kids. We hear it like the roaring of the thunder in our ears. It bleeds like the droplets of rouge from our fingers after a paper cut. We fear it worse than we fear heights, or snakes. Our lives change because of it. We change because of it. We wrestle with it, we live against it, and we watch it take again and again without regret.

I taste the bittersweet saliva it drips onto millions of lives. I can see it as a bird snatches up a kitten. We are not forgotten, untouched, or left behind by it. We can only live knowing one day it will find us. You, me, and the deer across the street. It might not be today. It might not be tomorrow. It might come till you are aging in a rocking chair but I assure you it will find you. It will get you.

Tackling it head on

The wind whispers of it as we walk along a path without a sidewalk. If just one drunk driver didn’t see you… It hugs you like a friend when you see a grave with a headstone. We hate it as if its the reason we watch our relationships break.

We all taste the reaper, and only some of us escape its swing

If it gets everyone, and we mutually understand it. Why is it so many of us live our life like it won’t touch us. We throw it behind our back expecting it to never touch our toes. We attend ceremonies to lay to rest others forgetting that one day we will be in that casket.

Everyday is not a Guarantee and every second that passes we are gifted by the reaper to use our time we have. What we do with it, and what we find with the time will define us when the casket closes over our bodies.

How do you wanna be remembered?

Live by how you want to be remembered and not by who everyone else wants you to be.

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