Losing our YMCA

Yes. I am going to rant about a subject long dead in my town. Its like digging up a grave with your hands feverishly tossing dirt all over the ground. Till you break and see the body with cold driblets falling down your face. This is the story our youth today face in my town.

Our run down YMCA has trees covering its entrance, and the windows smashed by cannons from meddlesome teenagers. We wonder why our youth are stressed, fallen, and obsessed with getting into problems. The answer is where we are putting our money, and what we are doing with funding.

What our youth are getting versus what they need

My town has below average schools for elementary, and middle school according to standardized testing which is a load of bullshit covered over a cake. They are taught only pieces of education that can help them master that grand design of a test. Why? Schools are graded off that test on how well they are doing. If too many students flunk than the school can get shut down. Right here is our problem with education. Its a loaded weapon.

We are defiantly letting our schools define our children by a test, and its not their fault. It not the school. Its our government who wants to raise children to be test taking machines, and not individuals. Teachers get tired of teaching the same material. They get tired of watching children squeeze themselves into stress over who they are because of a GPA. What they need is to be taught not about brilliance, but about the world. Schools could teach about job markets, taxes, savings, and subjects that can provide help to them in a competitive job market along with the core curriculum.

Other countries

I’ve been watching this show on Netflix called Rita which displays the education system in Denmark. She’s a teacher competent in the classroom but fails at her own life.( If you haven’t watched — take some time to.) They try to include kids more in teaching each other, and getting along.

If you want to hear something funny- in Asia students are taught to 100% listen to the instructor even if the teacher is wrong. They can not answer questions unless they raise their hands, and in exams there is no open ended answers. However, they are top dogs in education when it comes to standardized testing.

The real question we face

By taking away places for children to go and have fun we are taking away their ability to feel less stressed at school. Which effects their performance in the classroom. I am no genius but in a town with only the crickets to speak we are left questioning what the children can do to stay out of trouble without the YMCA.

Is there anything in your town that you discovered has a purpose and was taken away due to funding?


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