Love play it how you feel it

First I must apologize for the lack of beyond this place this week. I am currently on a writer’s block with it but should be pounding it out over the week with the full chapter completed. Secondly, My mother was put into the hospital today so that took majority of my time to write you a lovely exotic love post which I will be writing right here by the end of the night. No worries.

My brain goes to crazy places at night. Exotic love today will be covering a bit more intimate material. No that does not mean you will be reading my sexual prowess today as those are my dirty little secrets you will all be pleading to hear some day. I’m not the bravest kitten in the jungle but I am taking leaps to try to be more brave with my ugly body.

I think personally people are so afraid that someone would find them revolting, or disgusting that they forget about themselves. Lost in the fray of social media’s selfies we forget the moment as it is.

We have seen some nasty photos from wicked people like a boyfriend who texted his girlfriend but got a text back with her fucking another guy straight up. I mean that’s pretty cruel. Down right wrong if you ask me. But today, people have no sense of dignity for another human being. I found this story out


If you want to read and feel an awe inspiring need to punch someone in the face like say the girl. She gives us solid women a bad rep I swear. Anyways, I found that story dilly dallying on Facebook of all places. I’ve heard millions of voices giving me advice on the bedroom side, but let me tell you foreplay is not reserved for the bedroom.

Don’t feel dumb about sending that alluring text to someone you’ve been sleeping with on the reg. If they don’t give an alluring response back it’s best to cower in a corner because they think you’re weird now. Sorry in advance..never had that experience yea. My advice to you is to be a little braver not the failure at achieving what you need to when you want to. If you want to use better language in the bedroom you need to practice the language forgo in foreplay or sexual texts.

I’m a writer so any foreplay in writing is like eye candy on the screen for me, and it makes me want to just jump the man i’m sexually involved with even more. I’m not one for photo bombing sexual photos. Hell my body is like the worst on the planet why would I want to go shining out photos of it everywhere?It’s a secret what it looks like without clothes. A secret only a few people have seen. ( That include my skinny dipping days with my best friend who turned into a girl…so that’s pretty interesting)

But the best way to improve your sexual prowess I find is to amp up your sexual language such as …if you were per say at a public place and you lean to whisper in his ears sweetly “ Honey, that shirt you’re wearing just makes me want to jump you like a tigress.” Oh be sure to tug a little on his shirt. I’ve never tried this personally but I have let it pass through my mind a few times.

Anyways, If you really want to test your man or even woman ( for the males reading this) you can always make it like a game before any activity even occurs. Start a language war with sexual words and when one person loses an article of clothing comes off. If you’re in a public place you count eating and shoes, and stuff this way when you get home you’ll be shedding off your clothes super quick. Also, make sure to enjoy foreplay even after sex. I wonder if that’ll improve the length you have it no? I wouldn’t know on that point. But hey, let me know if it works.

Everyone knows having sex with the lights on makes you feel more confident but when do you slow it down? When do you take your time in slamming your body into another being? I know it sounds odd but taking your time might be the best idea. Also, another tip is to make sure your partner eagerly craves their orgasm. You want them to plead for it, to need it, to not go without it. Make sure you don’t make them crave it and then walk away. This can make someone really upset themselves