Our quality of romance and the downhill spiral

If ice is as thick as hot coffee would we allow it to coat our hearts just the same?

I wonder how people can become as cold as ice. Our world screams about being open, and accepting on the surface. But as time ticks by it seems people are getting to be like ice. Burying their heads in technology, losing communication, and in turn losing themselves.

My heart cringes as people lose touch with humanity in a way. In the matters of love, I feel myself growing colder, and colder till ice covers my body making it shiver from non-existent breezes. Romanticism is starting to fade in our social media crazed society as time progresses.

Romanticism is the state or quality of being romantic

A kiss in the rain. Romantic. Offering an umbrella in the rain to a woman or a man. Romantic. But asking for anything in return of the gesture is not romantic. I’ve read so much of thought catalog lately that it makes me think about the quality of romanticism we see today compared to what our parents saw when they were kids.

In a general sense, offering anything to anyone as a gesture of kindness is pretty sweet. Even if the stranger declines its the gesture that counts in karma points — right? I’m noticing a systematic system of people getting detached from one another. Cold to strangers, cold to others, and cold to ourselves.

I’ve bought plenty of coffee for strangers just to see them smile. The fact that a woman can be as romantic as a guy is amazing. Try it sometime. Try to strive to get a smile out of a stranger and watch as their face changes into warmth.

Is romance dying?

When did buying flowers, taking a significant other to dinner, or treating someone like a proper human being become so insignificant? When did we begin to allow ourselves to be treated like injured deer during a wolf hunt?

I’m not saying every date should be paid for. Just put away your cell phone when you are out with company, or walking the streets. Strike up conversations, knock down personality walls, and get to know people. Technology is not romantic. Its a pull for us to detach ourselves from others, a way to feel connected but be torn away from life.

If we start feeling our hearts being coated in ice our souls won’t feel true happiness in the world. The caffeine addicted me needs the dark swirls of energy to keep me going. Just like how romance needs a similar swirl of energy to keep our hearts beating.

A smile is a weapon in romance. It acts as a sword before it swings down for conversation. Your smile can entertain more than getting undressed for someone can. (isn’t that a funny thought.)

Be fearless. Be Unique. Love

Maybe I’m feeling dismayed over how social media enables peoples senses of being self centered. Its not wise to slam your picture out on social media expecting people to “Like every picture”. In a way, Social media is great. Instant communication, and conversation but we lack true togetherness because of it.

I enjoy holding hands, laughing, dancing, and talking when it comes to romance. I love the idea of romance and you should too. Slow moments of looking into a person’s eyes showing the depth of their soul, and your so trapped in them you can’t move are to die for.

Social media keeps burning away our traditional views of romance. Getting a text “ Hey beautiful” every day isn’t romantic. Say it to us. Be chivalrous. Move that chair for someone, hand a person their coffee, chit chat, and don’t ignore the world as it passed by because you are letting joyous seconds pass. I just don’t understand how a text got to be a better form of communication than hearing a sexy voice?

If you wanna be somebody be unique. Romance yourself, play on your phone less, and be fearless of what people think.

Is romanticism dying alongside being chivalrous? Do you think our quality of romance is suffering due to technology? Please share, comment, and like this up so I can hear your thoughts on this as well.

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