Society affects us

Our quality of life is determined by us. Society helps form an idea of what the quality of our life should be, and how we should live our life.

Society is defined has two definition in the dictionary but for this post I think I’ll use this one: “Society is an organization or club for a particular purpose or a community that lives close together. “Everyone lives in a society, and everyone’s society is a little abnormal from one another. A person who lives in New York City would be in a society where fast paced moving, quick minds, and fast days would be a thing. Whereas, a person who lives in a suburb would be in a tight nit, slow, and close society where majority of people have heard of one another.

It effects by the culture it creates

In our day and age we have seen cultures divided by race, age, and popularity. I’ve lived enough to see our culture change, and our society divide among ideas. From ages five to sixteen I’ve seen the world change drastically. We use to be a society that lived on dragging inter-webs, phone calls, and letters where people had to make effort to get things out. We are human, and as humans we are socially driven by the people around us like sheep.

Do you wonder why we click articles that offer to help us over articles that are informational? We are creatures driven by need socially. We want to know what to do if our relationships fail, if we can’t lose weight, and if we feel our life is taking a turn for the worst.

How our society enforced the internet upon us

The internet world swarmed in by storm on us. It started with AOL making us sacrifice our precious phone lines, and then it upgraded to being accessible via DSL. With the intrusion of the web we began to see cellphones, and social media appear which made it faster for our communities to intertwine.

The generational slide

Every generation is know for something. I keep thinking mine is going to be the depletion of judgment all together. Or rather, Judgment will fall into the background and people will just do what we want.

In any case, I think that we are provoked to be a certain way because of society. Pop music makes girls have pressure on their appearance and make up. Where as, other music puts pressure on relationships and feelings. We are a culture driven by communication which means we play our cards based on who we meet in life.

With love