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Jun 14, 2017 · 5 min read

The Fantasy genre is a place where anything in our imagination can happen as long as it feels real, plausible, and has a great plot line. ( I’m Pretty sure we all believe Hogwarts is real regardless of what J.K Rowling says. I remember being sorted into Raven Claw but somehow my invite back got lost in the mail. ) Fantasy is one of the only places where breaking rules should be allowed because it is so open and free there is a flood for the opportunity for these writers. I mean I don’t know how to categorize fantasy cause it’s all over the place. I mean Hogwarts and Middle Earth are completely opposite worlds.

What’s funny about fantasy

If you can’t run through the forest as a naked sparkling vampire what is the fun about the genre? So, I lied here. Twilight is not really a fantasy novel. If you find a unicorn grazing in the field of greens you should probably just let it be. Why? It could probably kill you with its horn, eat you, or it might get scared and run away. Unicorns are often depicted in fantasy to be creatures of beauty, and innocence while other stories have these creatures as dark or evil. I might not traverse in this genre often but when I do I don’t forget to add a little evil Cheshire cat in it to make the story pop.

Most Fantasy novels should be written in the third person because it’s easier to describe multiple characters and the world than in the first person point of view. This rule breaker has worked for many writers, and it could work for you too if you remember to find that Hogwarts letter you forgot about all those years ago. Another, funny part of this genre is that there is a ton of exotic love stories that express the making of love between two species that shouldn’t be together. I found these to be interesting research material for a writer.

Your World, Your Freedom

Who likes to live by restrictions? I surely don’t. I hate genres that restrict us into writing particular things or have to stick to certain types of stories. Fantasy is the greatest form of fiction because it’s so open. I mean if you want an ogre under a bridge you can have it. You want a human to transform into a house cat…you can have it. Hell, You want a man to be taken to hell, and have to fight his way out …you can have it. You want to start your story with a prologue because the world is highly developed have at it

. This genre is free which means you can mold your world in any way you wish. I personally would like to see a twist on Hogwarts where actual supernaturals attend a school and have to defend humans. The enemy is a bunch of dark supernaturals who feast on humans. I think this could be a silly twist. ( Note to self, I should probably work on making this a reality.) You even have the freedom to add in a sub-genre with your major genre. ( But don’t add too many because it might confuse your reader. )

Go weird Or don’t Go at all

Fantasy lives off of the weird, inappropriate, and unusual. I think I liked the white walker in Game Of Thrones due to their unusual ways of taking lives. ( I would have loved to see Jon Snow as the leader of the white walkers. R.I.P my dreams of a queen of dragon snow.) Anyways, try not to fill your page with info dumps as the best material for fantasy goes said. I remember reading a series of unfortunate events, and I don’t remember ever getting info about the man they were running away from. ( I always envisioned a beautiful world of mystery for this series.) So, why do I see be weird or don’t write in this genre?

The world of the imagination can not be limited. Most who have an active imagination as I have are weird. We look at a tree and wonder what a tree would say back to us. I often wonder what life would be like if animals could talk. ( Pretty sure this has been done before.) Your best bet with this genre is to keep magic minor, make sure that it is a series, and avoid any present tense. The best works are spoken in the third person. However, I beg you to challenge these and break these rules. Why? The breaking of any rules can be a very releasing moment for a writer.

I encourage you to write

I am the type of writer that believe in writing whatever you feel like. Hell…if hell froze over what would that look like? Anyways, the fantasy genre has so many windows open that it’s probably the best place to experiment in aside from science fiction.

Diary Of Fantastic Discoveries

If today was your last day how do you want to be remembered?

Jessica Cote

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I am just a girl among the many fish in the sea. A writer among the many dreamers, and a socialist among others.

Diary Of Fantastic Discoveries

If today was your last day how do you want to be remembered?

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