The three reasons we continue to drink of the sippy cup of stress

I feel life is a lot like taking a consistent sip of coffee through a tiny sippy cup. We are constantly bottled down by stress, problems, addictions, love, difficulties, goals, and loss. Our sippy cup gets overflowed because as panic fades we find something else to stress over like fiends. I like to call our sippy cup of life the one thing that keeps us going.

The cup of troubles

Have you ever thought about a moment where you couldn’t breath, talk, or feel a thing because you were under so much stress? You want to eat, you want to go to a party, you want to go out with friends but the problem is you feel like a bolder that just can’t be lifted up. The strain from daily work, financial issues, craziness, death, and many other awful occurrences can cause our cup to overflow to the point we head over to addiction like bees trying to suck out pollen from a flower. We will use any tactic like a Queen desperate to keep her position in a kingdom to crawl out of the weight of our troubles by blaming innocents, taking out our anger on inanimate objects, and relying on sarcasm to try to empty our sippy cup. I know when I am stressed I can forget about everyone around me, and just run for the hills to a blank page. However, I think that the cup of troubles is the most extreme out of the three cups because when the cup overflows we are either at the point to end our own life, or too addicted to a drug to find our way back to a healthy solution. Teenagers have ended their life because of bullying, abuse, addiction, and social strains while adults tend to take their life because they lose a job, lose a loved one, and fall into depression. We can not rid our struggles against life we can only find ways to make life more bearable.

The skydiving cup of fun

Positivity is being spread as a psychological method to help create better lifestyles, and health in society. This cup is the one cup that we want to overflow with bubbles dripping down the side as it tastes like a warm hot chocolate on a cold winter night. Our best moments in life are those that make us leap up for joy like a toddler who just opened the coolest Christmas gift ever with his hands flailing out to the sky. Happy memories are often our greatest weapon to combat sadness with. When we are sad we try to do activities that we remember that can make us happy. I’m an addicted video gamer who finds that every time life holds my arms down with weights I find my way back to games. I will play video games or write to rid myself of destructive thoughts, habits, or even needs. However, video games do no bring change to the issue as a matter of fact and it t helps me distract myself long enough to look back at the problem in an easier light. Without happiness, or happy memories we would be tumbling into a dark cave after banging our heads a few times against rocks, and less people would be happy in our world.

3. Counting efforts like the number of shot glasses on the table

We like to make efforts like a man at a party drinks shot glasses to prove his manhood. A person can make as much effort obtaining drugs as another can trying to succeed in getting a better paying job. One will do anything to get his next high, and the other will do whatever necessary to snake into a higher paying job. We can obtain a desire to have a model body due to the perceptions of what people find attractive or we can put our efforts into reading the latest book. Also our efforts will empty daily, and at the end we have to either be defeated by our efforts or satisfied that we did everything possible to make an impact for the next day. Our best angle is to relax allowing time to fall into place. We want to treat our efforts like the guy sitting at the bar drowning himself in shots. Do one effort at a time, and don’t overwork your brain. My best advice to those overfilling the sippy cup of troubles is to focus on you. No more excuses, no more blame. You call your own shots. You have control of you.



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Jessica Cote

Jessica Cote


I am just a girl among the many fish in the sea. A writer among the many dreamers, and a socialist among others.