The truth can be a bittersweet lullaby

Truth is a double bladed sword. We can chose to believe lies, or face our truths that may cut even worse. When faced with being a liar or a truth teller I will always spit the truth even if it paints pain for everyone. Here are a few of my bittersweet truths that made me change.

Wasting away like a carcass

One truth that will never change is that people enjoy wasting time. We enjoy it. We love to go get drunk spending money, and talking about nonsense at a bar till our brains explode. Going from here we enjoy sleeping around with any pretty or handsome creature that walks our path because putting time, and effort into things requires work. Our brains are hardwired to look at our little cellular devils believing they will paint us into somebody. All of this is time wasting. We become a carcass devoid of our own personality when we allow wasting time to over come our own desires, or passions.

Be grateful for hardships

All I have ever known is hardship. But I wouldn’t change. You can’t change the life you are given. But you can change your perspective on it. A job falling through, a loved ones death, and a bad grade teach us how to cope. It teaches us to appreciate life more. Let’s face it. A child that grew up with everything will not appreciate the simplicity of finally being able to afford your own book.

Accept that life is not a Guarantee

Life is limited. Its not a premium edition pay as you go and live for as long as you need package. You could die tomorrow affecting the people you love most. A memory is a resounding image of the person you are. Thus, we should live creating memories not snap chat pictures, not Facebook statuses that we will forget, but memories.

Realize that Average is perspective

We look around and we consider an average life owning things, spreading our lives on social media, and dying. I think there is so much more to us. I don’t think we are meant to ordane ourselves in ordinary money driven lives. I feel that life is not definable, and we all live separate lives. But the extraordinary part is that there are so many ways we can live. Open, freely, and not restrained.

Above all Regret is the only poison we should fear

We hear the theory that traveling is great, and wonderful but is it worth it if your parents are dying? I am not one who will ever believe that traveling is bad. I just think its the reasons we travel that distort our senses. Traveling to leave your family, and friends behind leaves only regret if you aren’t working on improving who you are. Traveling to see, understand, and learn from new languages or people can bring value.

Ultimately you are the boss of you. No one can say otherwise, and wasting time is your decision. But remember we will die, and we will suffering but what’s worth the suffering is up to you.

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