We are beautiful

  1. This a reflection day. You are free to choose to do any of the above again.

Humans have come far from being the brutal beings we were back in the day. I mean we use to put women up on a pole, and light them on fire because they were wrong. If you think about it no form of violence is as brutal as the witch hunts, or the hangings that have haunted America for years. Wars are brutal but if you think about we haven’t gone into world war three yet which must mean something for humanity.

I hear everyday from at least one girl who is not past the age of twelve that no boys will like her, or that the world will destroy her. I swear the things that kids believe these days are far beyond what my mind could handle. Anyways, what I am here to speak about is the beauty in our world.

There is beauty in the fall just like there is beauty in our success. Humans have succeed in creating fire which lets us see, and in building structures to keep us safe from the outdoors. Our imagination has built us carriages, homes, words painted on sheets of paper, and a world that deems itself complicated. We are the products of our imagination.

What I mean is that we could be apart of an alternate reality for all we know..our mind is on a voyage seeking more information about a world that we wish to create. If you think of this way the world is filled with evil people, and good people. Neutrality is only when a person is lazy right?How do we defined people who are good versus evil? There is a point that evil is considered wrong doing and in some ways everyone has done a wrongdoing at least once.

So, truly what is humanism but the power to see our wrong doings in a new light? Humans are not perfect and we should not strive to change an entire race. We can only change ourselves. Over the course of this challenge I have found that I am a happier person when I don’t try to be greedy. If you think about there are far too many out there killing one another over money. War is typically due to one country being better off than another. People are constantly judging off of this idea that if you are better off than another person should be able to do the same as well. It’s not the case at all. People born in the projects are given little education aside from street education.

If we don’t see value in education we won’t see the value in our generation’s children. Thus, when you think of it this way, a country that is greedy for war but forgets it starving students is a country worth no more. I’ve uncovered that people do still inhabit acts of kindness at random. I watch people give away free tickets at an arcade daily, and then say how much fun they had. It comes down to the press makes us believe we are living in a violent world but are we really? I am nearly one quarter through this challenge and I promise that by the end of this I hope we can grow together as people to learn to love one another and accept each other for who we are.

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