We are humanists

Yet again, I have found this topic. The Apology. So let me apologize to those that are not humanists as being a humanist is about caring for life. Every life matters. We are not above or below one another. Nor are we made to fight against one another because of the color of our skin, or the cultures we follow. A open mind is a perfect mind. Humanists -what we should stand for and what we need to stand for. I am an American. I will not pride myself on my skin tone, or the place I was born into. I will not strive to allow greed to consume my heart as the main goal in life is to be happy. I am an American and I dream big to see those dreams become a reality. No, I will not apologize to someone because I am an American. But neither will I stand ideally by and watch Americans be slighted by each other due to a word. Race is a word. A word meant to divide not connect us.

We are Humanists and we need to stand for humanity. By this, I mean we need to stand against those who are killing without reason, and those that want to do bad things. Don’t not tip at a coffee shop because you want to save money. Be nice help those people. Be a humanist.

Here are the golden rules of considering yourself a humanist with how to guide on how to act on these endeavors. Please share this everywhere, with everyone, and express to the world that we need humanists around the world.

  1. What it means to be human. In order to be a humanist we need to understand what it means to be human. “a human being, especially a person as distinguished from an animal or (in science fiction) an alien.” Nowhere, does this say we judge other humans based on skin color. So let’s say being human means seeing one another as the same creature, or person.
  2. Understanding- Humans are not by no means better than an ant. Yes. I totally said an ant is better than the human race and at this time I believe it. Ants work together to support their home, and fellow ants as they do help other ants do. Humans..well …we choose who to help and who doesn’t. We choose who we understand and who we don’t want to understand. It’s unfair.
  3. Greed is wrong no matter who you are. Greed is keeping anything in excess that you do not need. It is mainly found in people who hoard money from people who need money. We see greed in people who are filthy with money and do not want to help the poor. Or the people who could house someone but chose not to. I could continue to go on but my philosophy is to always give when you can. It can never hurt.
  4. Believe in everything. I mean let’s be real the coolest people believe in Unicorns. But don’t be a jerk who tells a kid that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Don’t be a jerk and tell someone that the Chinese philosophies are wrong, or other such religion based stuff because your an Atheist. I believe a little in everything because I believe in humanism.

If you are catching my drift by now, then you know I am saying to put the phones away when at a concert, or at a movie. Just be a good human being. I am saying we need to get rid of racism and bring forth humanism and love.




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Jessica Cote

Jessica Cote


I am just a girl among the many fish in the sea. A writer among the many dreamers, and a socialist among others.