What’ s worth the effort in life and what’s not

You can only please yourself

Any effort given to pleasing another person is wasted effort. Its like if you were to continuously study a subject that you fail at. You will feel much like a drowning swimmer. Throwing your arms forward desperately to get shot down every-time because you never learned how to swim in the first place.

When you please yourself your body, heart, and mind feels it not just one part of you. “You can’t find absolute happiness unless every part of you feels it too.” Effort given to the wrong places will drain you down to negativity.

Blaming other people

I have one problem with most people and it is to blame others for everything. If you cell phone in your hand and you are not paying attention to the road. Getting hit is on you not the driver, nor anyone else around you. We have become a society of victim blamers. Blame the victim, blame the grass, and blame your family for everything that goes wrong.

Heck, our president does it, and so does our politicians. Its an inbred issue and we need to stop it. Its wasted effort to blame others for your own faults. Weighing you down and no one needs to weigh you down other than yourself.

Dwelling on our past

“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”- Liong King

Let me admit here that I am a major Lion King. I look back and can not resist re-watching this movie. ( A hundred times over.) But it tells me truth in how to be a better me. If you consistently judge yourself by the past you will never cover the distance in the future you need. For every mistake there is a right decision in the future.

A mistake is only a mistake if you let it be one

Any effort you give make sure it is one hundred percent all in or else you end up lackluster with no real solidarity.

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