Christmas Markets!


This Sunday I went to a christmas market in Halden.

I’m really good at ruining every picture i’m in.

There is a big old fort atop the hill in halden called Fredriksen. This fort was the stronghold and last defence in a Swedish assault. The town is famous for and very proud of the fact that their ancestors burnt the entire city to the ground so that the Swedes would find nothing and have no incentive to take Norway.

But this Sunday it was host to a christmas market which I enjoyed along with Pia og Ta as well as Bente og Ståle.

At one stage they fired off a fake cannon which was really bloody loud, I did not skip a beat in my stride however, me being the cultured individual that I am yelled out quite loudly ‘HOLY SHIT!’ … much to the delight of the stall owner standing a few metres away from me. I quickly forgot about the traumatic event.

Yet not 20 minutes later it was fired again. this time my reaction was a little more severe. I quickly ducked for cover and in the mere seconds that it took me to realise what was going on the words ‘THEY NEED TO STOP FUCKING DOING THAT!’ had already slipped my lips. Luckly for me this time we were a little futher away from the crowds.

I’m really good at taking selfies as you can see … everyone snaps me in the moment i’m being an idiot. I can’t take a good picture anyway (least photogenic person ever) so i embrace this. This is how I do it now.By the way this was taken standing on top of a 3 metre wall I dared everyone to climb.

I can see a fucking grey strip in my hair!!!

honest man I ran around that whole place and explored every dungeon possible. It was really interesting. The fort itself is older than our country … that doesnt compute in my brain.

Also, I have gained 8kg … this is the fucking heaviest I have ever been and it’s slightly disturbing. Even though I do more exercise than I do at home I’m gaining weight. probably the diet of bread and potatoes will do it.

we are assured it will be easier to loose upon arrival home and i’m sure as all hell going to make sure it goes. honestly should have just stayed off the scales.

Hear you guys are having fun with the roadtrip. It looks absolutely gorgeous! hope you’re making the most of the last days with Enni! love you all! wish you all well!

all the love- Belle