Snowboarding at Night.


So on Friday after school we packed up the car and went to Tryvann; a ski field in Oslo.

It was a hell of a time turning up in the dark and being able to see the stars! I didn’t spend much time boarding with Ståle and Oscar because they are no fun but I did have a good time with Emma.

Because there was only a couple of slopes open we spent the night messing around on the relatively flat one (bloody Connor couldn’t do the steep) This lead me to be an absolute idiot.

I spent my runs tormenting Emma, getting just enough in the way of her turns to mess her up. She soon caught on and started doing the same.

We developed a slingshot system in which she, with speed would stick out a pole as I was coming up behind her and shoot me over the crest of the hill. Alternatively if I had more speed I would wiz past her grab her pole and take her with me.

At one stage I got too cocky, as I was doing 180 spins real close to Emma. I got a little too close, had to correct real fast to avoid a collision, caught an edge and went flying straight onto my ass. I am today suffering the consequences.

It was said that night that if you couldn’t see me you could hear me. Something Norwegians definitely are not used to. So many people asked where I was from as I struck up random conversation with the people around me. Making jokes out of my mistakes isn’t something they are accustomed to either. Some rejected me with snarls of distaste but others I made friends of as I belted out songs the entire chair ride.

My friends so eager to partake in my discourse abruptly stopped if a stranger joined us, yet I however, am a maniac and nothing will stop me! Not even the new asshole I ripped for myself!

I love being here because sometimes I am so out of place I can’t help but make a point of it. It’s teaching me very quickly that I don’t always need to worry about others opinions of me and I should do what makes me happy and make the most of everything.

Connor couldn’t handle the personality that came out while we were there. I think partially because he was frustrated by having to learn again and because he’s such an annoyingly American person … he didn’t want to stick out.

Emma on the other hand embraced it fully and joined in for the most part. We even did some low key flirting with a guy we both thought was pretty hot. Girl gets A+ points for effort and making the night fun.

I should win the award for keeping a smile on my face the whole time I try to make it a habit.

On a more somber note I got news on Friday that Sam and Jarred have broken up. This is pretty shit because Sam let him move into their house before doing it. (She was planning to break up with him before she let him move in)

The kicker? She cheated on him. With Ryan.

Now I’m trying my best to not be upset by this because I know I broke it off with Ryan but it still feels like a betrayal and I’ll explain why.

I never gave you a reason for why I broke up with Ryan and this is it. (I also know you thought I was being unreasonable and a terrible person for doing so but hear me out.)

I have been waiting for something like this to happen so I didn’t appear crazy and delusional. Ryan and Sammie were developing this while we were still together, every time I asked Ryan about it he would deny it and so would Sam they talked to each other more than they respectively talked to me and Jarred. We both knew this and we were both lying to each other about how close they were.

Ever since I left, Jarred has been keeping how much closer they have gotten away from me because he didn’t want me to be upset. Sam jumped in my grave and started going off alone with Ryan almost every weekend and considering they’ve finished school considerably more than that.

I don’t know if your going to chose to believe me on this but it’s true. I really liked Ryan he was amazing to me and I can’t thank him enough for that. But every time it came to Sam he would turn into a jerk. He is an angry drunk and every time he got on the piss he would push me away and confide in Sam about it.

I became there for one purpose to him and I wasn’t having it. It turned me bitter and twisted me up. So as much as I wanted to be with Ryan he didn’t want to be with me and I deep down knew this and had to consequently end it.

And now Sam is in for sloppy seconds. I don’t know how to feel about it because she chose Ryan over Jarred, her loving devoted boyfriend of nearly three years!

Normally I’m not protective of my used things, but I don’t need to think about them being together. It’s not right and I don’t like it.

Keeping it positive though, this exchange is making it easier for me to move past the silly things like this. Small town dramas that I don’t need to be a part of.

I’m not mad at Sam, I still love her and the amazing person she is. She is just making some silly decisions at the moment that I don’t quite agree with.

Love you heaps!!!! Cant wait to write again.

All my love -Belle

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