The day before school.


So today I have spent the day with Trae my fellow New Zealander abroad and we were having a good laugh about what the Norwegians think of themselves and their country.

Despite the fact that they lack a standard bakery and the concept of a good mince pie is lost on them these people aren’t half bad.

What is a real kicker though is what they think is so unique and special to them when it isn’t. I’m not knocking their sense of pride in their country however when someone says “oh the Norwegians nicknamed it” or “the Norwegians discovered” when they quite clearly did not is amazing. The dis-illusion that is found across their nation is greater than that of a small island dwelling individual like myself.

One illusion that we have found in New Zealand however is that the world is good and fine. The media is designed to truly make you believe that NZ is the entire world; here however the news is saturated with world issues the likes of which we do not see.

It really makes you think about what we could be doing and how we could help when it seems that we don’t. We have the opportunity but we are ill informed and I’m not sure what about it frustrates me more.

On a chill Sunday morning I miss nothing more than the banter of home.

Love you heaps.

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