Internet of Moving things : Way to smart cities

The revolution is here.

IOT has been the buzz word for the past 5–6 years,but there haven’t been many mainstream applications of IOT. It all seems fascinating when companies talk about it,but anything substantial is yet to be delivered.

But since IOT hasn’t been able to make it to the mass market,why should we even go one step ahead and think about Internet of moving things?

Because ideas aren’t worth a dime.

And we all are connected,and we all have been a part of ‘Internet of moving things’ thanks to our phones. But how can we use Internet of moving things to create smart cities? One such idea is to make the moving entities a wifi spot.

Let us assume the entities are cars. They act as a wifi spot. Now,consider a network of cars all acting as wifi hotspots. It creates a mesh network of Wifi. And since these are moving,whenever the signal strength becomes too weak,our phones connects to another wifi spot(car)! This will require a sophisticated algorithm and data about movement of traffic(Big data anyone?).This can help solve the connectivity part in India.

PS: If you Google Internet of moving things,Veniam comes up. And they are doing exactly the same thing,and also offer data that is passed on to their cloud by the moving traffic. Veniam success clearly showed the feasibility of this idea.

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