Penny Stocks: Can they be automated using an app?

I have always wanted to be a millionaire ,have a big library and travel the world. How amazing it would be to retire at the age of 40,and enjoy the rest of the life king size. After studying some of the best financials books,these were the things that were needed to be done :

  • Live frugally
  • Reduce income tax on taxable income
  • Invest in appreciating assets like stocks,bonds,mutual funds,ETF
  • Create a business with recurring use

All these points are executable except the first. What is the point of having money if that doesn’t buy you the best of cuisines? So,since I can be a frugal person,I need to have a kind of income that,even after putting aside money for investing,I still have more than enough to spend.

But,what if I can combine all the remaining points and create value for customer, make them rich too,and at the same time become rich. That would be amazing.

Penny Stocks are stocks worth less than $1. They are highly volatile and should only form a small part of your investment portfolio. But wait,how many of us actually have an investment portfolio? The best thing about Penny Stock is you are not investing a lot of money. Why not whenever you buy something worth 380,invest the remaining 20 to make the transaction for ₹400?

So this is what I thought. It works something like this :

  1. You buy something for around 260. The amount is rounded off to the nearest 100. The remaining amount is to be invested.
  2. The app lets you choose your investment strategy. High risk,moderate,or low.
  3. The app invests your money accordingly.

It does sound simple,but it isn’t. But it is completely doable and seems a good idea because it is time we Indian realise the value of having appreciating assets.

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