Who We Are (And What We Do)

Hello internet. Nice to meet you.

We are ‘Dice Addicts Weekly’, a new publication here on Medium all about tabletop roleplaying games(RPGs) and why they are the best of fun.

RPGs are a fascinating, ever-evolving hobby, chimera-like in their makeup: endlessly entertaining in terms of gameplay, wonderful in the way they bring people together and inspiring in their ability to foster creativity.

This is a hobby worth discussing. In great detail.

And that is what we’re here to do.

Medium as a platform is moving from strength to strength, gaining momentum as it gathers online steam. Yet whilst there are already many excellent publications on this site that focus on topics often overlooked by traditional media, RPGs have not yet seen as much of the limelight. It is our ambition for ‘Dice Addicts Weekly’ to change this, to create a publication that draws attention to this hobby and what makes it so enjoyable. Medium’s focus on higher-brow, long form content is something we find highly appealing, and is something we hope to use to discuss the Tabletop RPG scene at length.

Though it remains early days for us, we hope to be able to provide our readers with content ranging from discussion and reviews to advice columns and longer essays on specific topics within our hobby.

We sincerely hope you’re game for joining us in this venture.