Announcement: Shrimp & Zombie Token Buyback Program

Dice Finance - Susan
Sep 28 · 2 min read
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After in-depth discussion with the development team, we came to the conclusion that with the existing resources, the operation of the three games platforms can not be perfectly maintained at the same time.

So we asked ourselves: If we can only choose one project to do the best, which one is the one we are most keen and ambitious for?

In the end, we choose Dice.Finance (A fully decentralized, autonomous gambling DApp).

Therefore, in order for Shrimp and Zombie holders to exchange tokens for DICE, we announce that the Token Buyback Program starts today, which is a half-year plan.

You can get $DICE by using your $Shrimp and $Zombie as farming tools.

Buyback Program Starts Today

  • $Shrimp default buyback price: 2.5 USD
  • $Zombie default buyback price: 8 USD
  • Total Supply of $Shrimp: 296,193 $Shrimp
  • Total Supply of $Zombie: 43,073 $Zombie

$DICE default buyback price is 165 USD.


  • The $DICE amount in DICE/Shrimp pool: 3905 $DICE = 257,715.52 $SHRIMP * $2.5 / $165
  • The $DICE amount in DICE/Zombie pool: 2085 $DICE = 43,000 $ZOMBIE * $8 / $165

Go to the Buyback Page here:

The buyback officially starts at 10:00 UTC on September 28th. 
Please send your tokens after the event starts.

Go get DICE, unless you want Shrimp and Zombies as souvenirs.

Maybe one day in the future, these tokens will have special uses?



Autonomous Casino Protocol

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