2018: year in review

A lot has happened and we’ve been fairly quiet throughout this year … about time we catch up!

Harry Keller
Dec 28, 2018 · 12 min read
The team end of 2018. Photo by Norman Posselt.

Hello, it’s us again! 👋

Many new faces!

New full-timers.
Oriėtta (right) and Daniel on their last day.

Good-bye Sabrina and Roberto!

New clients

Strengthening democracy with ZEIT ONLINE: My Country Talks / Deutschland spricht

The grand finale of the German event, involving Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German president.

Empower people to save money: Der Zukunftsfonds

Presenting typefaces properly: HvD Fonts and TypeMates

Hannes brought us a basked of products featuring his typefaces to celebrate the launch. 💞

A mystery client appears

Surprise announcement: Robert Haase becomes an equal partner in the company!

One of Robert’s many talents: catching drones.

Vision and company values

Retreating to Brandenburg to flesh out the company vision together.
Results from an employee questionnaire, asking which emoji represents us best. Solid collection.

Website update and wiki

Quite literally a collection of this and that.
Glühwein and cookies.

Embracing the pineapple

Christmas cookies and enamel pins.

Team activites: Blockchain hackday, diesdas.unplugged parties, playing board games, …

Our office: greener and more functional

Our book club is still around!

Shooting past all goals

Bring it on 2019!


Thoughts, observations and learnings from Berlin-based…

Harry Keller

Written by

Developer and co-founder of @diesdasdigital. Writing code and blog posts in equal amounts.


Thoughts, observations and learnings from Berlin-based digital studio diesdas.digital.

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