2020: year in review

Oh boy, where to even begin?

Harry Keller
Dec 31, 2020 · 7 min read
Hello there, we still exist!

🎂 Five years of diesdas!

🎳 The year started out pretty ordinary

📹 Nine months of being a remote company

Remote before the pandemic 🤡

😔 Challenges: uncertainty, home office and mental health issues

🤗 Four new people joined us from all over the world

💸 Finances: a pretty good year in the end

🛠️ New tools, new workflows

💪 Projects, projects, projects

A visualization of the Europe talks matching algorithm at work

🤖 The AI Community and our book club thrive remotely

☀️ Entirely flexible working hours

📡 Getting better at remote team events

🏚️ Downsizing our office + more meeting rooms

🖼️ A Zoom screenshot says more than a thousand words

A hackday in the office in February — we’ve done two more remote ones since then
One of the last AI Community meetups in the office
Going bowling on March 6th — one of the last times we all met in 3D
Horsing around with Snap Camera
The epic Sherlock Holmes board game team event
A very strange experiment beyond Zoom … let’s not do that again
A remote visit to our Stammkneipe “Zum Elefanten”
Playing Among Us with a few people after work
An experimental VR meeting
Cooking together for our Christmas event, followed by hours-long conversations in random breakout rooms
The new meeting rooms quietly glowing in the empty office

🥴 Hello 2021!


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