Becoming a remote-friendly company

We’re making strides to be more remote-friendly. Here’s why, what we’re looking forward to and some early considerations.

Harry Keller
Jul 30, 2019 · 6 min read
Three people sitting in front of a screen, discussing. On the screen is a fourth person connect via video call.
A daily stand-up (sit-down?) meeting with one person calling in.

The benefits of remote working are fairly obvious …

A developer giving a passionate speech about code to three colleagues.
Our dev-team meetings will have a different dynamic coming September.

Learning about remote working …

Key take-aways



More interesting bits

Screenshot of a video call with 10 people, but nine of them are in the same office and only one person is truly remote.
Video calls with lots of people will happen much more often. This one is clearly staged: Spot the only actual remote person. 😇

Coming back to our situation …

Thoughts, observations and learnings from Berlin-based…