Book club #4: “Borderliners” by Peter Høeg

aka. „Der Plan von der Abschaffung des Dunkels“

The book club is back for its fourth round: After reading “Positioning” last time and having a lively discussion about its relation to our work, we turn to a novel again. 👇


Some obscure recommendation I can’t fully recall led us to Peter Høeg’s “Borderliners”, its German title being so much more poetic: “Der Plan von der Abschaffung des Dunkels”. Apparently it’s a reflection on the role time plays in our daily lives, which feels fitting to read over Christmas— usually a period away from the strict regiment of meetings and schedules, breaking out of daily routines. It’s supposed to be a bit of a dark read, but should lead to an interesting discussion of its themes, which you are of course welcome to join:

Save the date: Wednesday January 10th, 7pm in our office at Oranienstraße 6, 10997 Berlin!

We’re usually 4–7 people with very different backgrounds and reading preferences, so we’re expecting an interesting, multi-faceted discussion. Get yourself a copy (German/English [affiliate]) and join the Facebook event:

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