Join us on June 8th for diesdas.unplugged!

A friendly after-work gathering in our office, with real-life interactions. 😱

Hey there, announcement time: On June 8th we’ll be hosting a little meet-up in our office, starting from 6:30pm. You’re more than welcome to stop by, no matter if you’re a client, former colleague, a neighbor, long-time friend or avid reader of this blog! Basically everyone’s invited to hang with us! 🙌

We don’t intend this to become a full-on, get-shitfaced party, rather a casual get-together to catch up and meet some new faces. We’ll provide beers and non-alcoholic beverages free of charge, but otherwise there is no agenda; we’ll simply stay in the office after work, keep the door open and whoever wants to hang with us can join in. So if you’ve been wanting to say hello or visit us in our new office, but never found the time: this is your chance! Don’t be shy. 😊

Since we’re doing this for the first time, we have absolutely no idea if there will be 5 or 50 people coming. That’s where our Facebook event comes in: if you intend to come, please express your interest there. If you don’t have Facebook, good for you, simply show up anyways. 🙃

Right this way:

June 8th, starting from 6:30pm,
at in Kreuzberg:
Oranienstraße 6, 10997 Berlin
Treppenhaus 4

In case you still need a bit of convincing that we’re a bunch of handsome people, here are some photo impressions from last week! 💁

This is the place.
Lars + printer = BFFs 💞
Max and Robert on the phone doing user research, and discussing the results later on.
As you do.
Yours truly sipping a coffee.
So much fun at work.
Director Pino assessing the situation.

Alrighty, this is it already. See you around (hopefully on the 8th of June) and if you liked this short little post, consider clicking the heart below. ❤️

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