Laura’s Design Journey — Episode 1

Laura Tortel
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4 min readOct 27, 2022


Why am I doing this?

Hi! I’m Laura, the new Social Media & Community Specialist here at Diesdas. I started a few months ago and am now excited to bring our external communications back to life.

A job that revealed itself to be more challenging than expected. I thought it would be easy to start and develop the communications of an agency from scratch. That I just had to be motivated. Little did I know how much time it would take me to understand the tonalities, the ambitions, what happened before, and where we wanted to go next. This has been — and still is — a big challenge and it takes time if you want to do it right.

First up, I have decided to better understand the different teams that make Diesdas. Because how can you communicate about a company, if you don’t know its way of working?

That’s why I went to the design team and asked them if I could do a sort of internship* with them.

*still haven’t found the right word for what I’m doing here. Shadowing? Class? Experience? Apprenticeship? Fellowship?

Why the design team first?

Probably because it’s the team that attracts me most. I had the opportunity, in my previous experiences, to touch the design world from the tip of my fingers and always felt excited to use my creative side.

My objective with this process is not to stop at the design team, but to actually discover all disciplines that our lovely company is made of.

Putting yourself into the shoes of your colleagues to understand them, learn from them, and communicate for them. That’s my ultimate goal. Getting the most genuine and truthful stories, by understanding their line of work.

We’re a no-bullshit agency. We speak from the heart and stay true to ourselves. And I want to represent that in the best way possible.

But enough about me and my ambitions.

Let’s get to the heart of the subject: the design team.

Creative and artistic minds of Diesdas, they’re the people that I feel come the most to the office (probably to exchange creative thoughts in an easier way), go out for short 10-minute inspirational walks, and eat (lots of) Falafel im Brot.

There’s Tal, the team lead. She came a few years from Australia and stumbled upon Diesdas. I feel like I have a lot to learn from her. She has the Diesdas culture in her veins and easily gives directions.

Then there is Niklas. He’s already worked with our social media in the past and is very keen to collaborate and exchange ideas. He’s been doing some drawings lately and it’s really cool to watch his ideas go from physical to digital.

There’s also Kuba. I feel like he’s the design expert. He handles lots of big projects at the same time and always stays humble.

The latest addition to the team is Ida. She joined just a few weeks after I did and is already doing amazing work. She’s taken over the reins on the design of our new website, incorporating elements that refer to our love of digital culture and environments that surfaced during the design hack days.

Tal, Ida, Niklas, Max and Kuba

As I said, my aim is to get to know the team better. Understand their processes, ambitions, ways of working, the tools they use, and improve our collaboration. I have a lot to learn from them and I’m very grateful they put time aside to help me achieve my goal.

Here’s my schedule for the next few weeks, for you to get an idea of what lies ahead:

I’m excited to have the opportunity to shadow the team for the next couple of weeks. Ready to understand the team better and to learn all of the secrets of the team’s success? Then stay tuned for my next check-in! is an independent design and technology company launching projects in over 80 countries and 34 languages. Let’s work together.

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Laura Tortel

Social Media & Community Specialist